the communications landscape has changed irrevocably
has your approach changed with it?

104 West offers a different communications perspective built on how markets and customers engage with your company. Today’s communications needs to inspire contextual, lead-generating conversations with market customers. Read about some of our successes.

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Senior Team

Our senior team is supported by an invaluable group of Account Managers, Account Executives and Coordinators whose contribution to our work is reflected in the success of our programs. Join us.

Patrick Ward


Patrick’s career spans from New York, to Silicon Valley to the last 13 years at the helm of 104 West. He has helped launch now-common technologies like home printers, digital photography, anti-spyware software and mobile games. He has been called one of the top tech PR execs in the world, no matter how preposterous he thinks that is.


Brian Mast


Brian has directed communications for brands like Hewlett-Packard, eHealth, Yahoo!, PeopleSoft, and Sequence. His campaigns have delivered results across diverse channels, from national business press to Twitter conversations to partnership opportunities with AARP. His resemblance to the Notre Dame mascot is purely coincidental.


Alissa Bushnell

Media Relations

Alissa was a beta tester for the seminal game Pong, introduced the word ‘virus’ to the tech lexicon and managed communications during one of the most contentious takeovers in industry history. Her passion is only exceeded by her experience, which is only outdone by the sheer volume of her laugh.


Kelli Flores


Kelli’s career began as a love of writing and reading and words and evolved into helping clients tell compelling and engaging stories. She’s a talented communicator and an expert in formulating data and context behind a narrative. She is also from Texas and says things like “fixin’ to” and “y’all”…but she taught us about barbecue, so we tolerate it.


Kiley Hayward


Kiley led PR programs for several national tech brands with some of the largest PR agencies in the world before coming to 104 West. She’s a master at finding the “so what” that makes clients stand out in crowded media landscapes and she cares about details. A lot. She is a native Coloradan and a farm girl, and we needed someone like that.



Curious about life at 104 West?

Good. We like curious people. And we’re looking for new members to join our growing team. Click below to inquire about open career opportunities and to find out more about life at 104 West.


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