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PR Strategies for the Busy Entrepreneur

Public relations is often very demanding because of the extensiveness of digital media. Keeping your brand visible, while also being positively received for all businesses. Many entrepreneurs neglect the importance of creating a PR strategy believing it's not a priority. Here are a few steps that are simple and effective for all of those busy entrepreneurs out there. Read more.

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Here Come the Holiday Ads

Retailers case of the “holiday creep came exceedingly early this year. Even though Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, the holiday ads have alrea

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Tech Companies Love Billboards and Subway Ads

Out-of-home advertising is making a comeback in the tech industry. Facebook, GrubHub Inc., Venmo, etc. are only a few of the many tech companies who are reverting back to billboards and subway ads in order to build brand awareness and increase app downloads. Read more

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104 West Perspective

An Agency for Startups…

From the Desk of Patrick Ward

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Breathe.... Breathe... Breathe....

From the Desk of Patrick Ward

This year has started with a whirlwind for 104 West.

Since January 1, we have won assignments from:

TrackVia, a Denver-based provider of software platforms for Citizen Developers, those internal non-IT business managers who want to build proprietary applications to overcome deficiencies in packaged software.

If You Can Company, the San Mateo, Calif., venture from gaming pioneer Trip Hawkins that is using gameplay to teach children about social and emotional learning.

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The Internet of Things, CES and the Conscious Home

From the Desk of Patrick Ward…
Just when we thought CES had overdone the Internet of Things meme, Google goes and buys Nest for a mere $3.2 billion. Ho-hum…

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