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Rules for Creating Engaging Social Media Messages

It is extremely important to use social media to keep your customers engaged. But there’s a catch. Social media loses its purpose if your not providing the right content. You have to adjust your marketing message so it aligns with each social media channel. PR News Online put together a list of 10 rules for creating social media content. Read more.

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Eight Podcasts for Business-Savvy Listeners

Podcasts are a great way to learn new business strategies, stay up to date with what’s going on in the business world, and help you to develop your professional skills.  Podcasts are making a comeback due to their convenience, relevance and consistent updating. came up with a list of 8 podcasts anyone with a business-savvy mindset should follow. Read more.

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Don't Ignore New York Post's New Ads

After over a decade of no advertising and their recent digital relaunch,  the New York Post has decided to remind everyone that they are still New York's best source for news. Their new ad campaign, 'a good headline kicks you in the eyeballs' has been getting a lot of attention and has already increased their digital traffic. Jesse Anderson, CEO and Publisher, says," we want to pour gasoline on the fire and get more readers to look at us, and more brands and agencies to understand that we can get their messaging noticed." Read more.

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104 West Perspective

An Agency for Startups…

From the Desk of Patrick Ward

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Breathe.... Breathe... Breathe....

From the Desk of Patrick Ward

This year has started with a whirlwind for 104 West.

Since January 1, we have won assignments from:

TrackVia, a Denver-based provider of software platforms for Citizen Developers, those internal non-IT business managers who want to build proprietary applications to overcome deficiencies in packaged software.

If You Can Company, the San Mateo, Calif., venture from gaming pioneer Trip Hawkins that is using gameplay to teach children about social and emotional learning.

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The Internet of Things, CES and the Conscious Home

From the Desk of Patrick Ward…
Just when we thought CES had overdone the Internet of Things meme, Google goes and buys Nest for a mere $3.2 billion. Ho-hum…

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