Project Summary

TrackVia was in a unique position to step out as the leader in a newly emerging category of low-code enterprise software, a category that represented a marked shift to a new generation of software. The premise of the category is that non-technical staff can create their own solutions when enterprise-class software is too difficult to use or too expensive for the problem. Enterprise software was an industry primed for their next great leap of innovation, because while the shift from on-premise to the cloud had made software more accessible, Trackvia believed that shift had yet to solve many of enterprise users’ most prevalent challenges. But no one had ever actually asked professionals if their enterprise software was indeed too hard to use or too expensive.

We wanted to re-position low-code software in the market, and catapult it from a peripheral, emerging technology to being viewed as the next great leap in enterprise software. We worked with TrackVia to examine the frustrations with software that were creating the demand for low-code solutions, the expectations for these solutions, and the benefits already being experienced. Collectively, the resulting responses gave us a picture of the state of enterprise software and shined a light on deep frustrations from executives, who felt that existing solutions were preventing their business growth.

The media effort that launched the report resulted in nearly 200 million impressions over 54 media placements, which included many top tier tech publications and influential national business media. As a result, in Q1 2017 alone, TrackVia saw an 80 percent sales increase over the same period in 2016, and an increased Average Selling Price. It ultimately resulted in record sales quarters for TrackVia in both Q1 and Q2.


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