Project Summary

In 2016, design and development company Sequence, recently acquired by, was looking to expand its business beyond its core sectors of food and beverage, entertainment, technology and other brands. It had a very small toe-hold in healthcare, but was looking for significant growth.

104 West partnered with Sequence to develop a thought leadership position in the healthcare sector. With such a broad sector and so many challenges across this industry, the firm needed to focus on one area to start. Without deep experience in healthcare, Sequence needed to identify a position it could speak to authoritatively. Sequence’s did have great expertise in building consumer-grade experiences (like Chipotle’s burrito button on the Apple Watch) so we decided it should weigh in on how the patient experience needs a consumer-grade upgrade.

We led a content-driven communications campaign for Sequence, surveying consumers on the issues they face around the process of booking, attending and paying for the average doctor’s appointment. The survey report identified numerous opportunities to upgrade the patient experience. 104 West recommended applying its “Flywheel” approach to utilizing the content across multiple channels. The report was published at a healthcare design conference where Sequence was a sponsor and making a presentation. Media coverage on the day of the launch and subsequent days included prominent articles in CNBC, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Modern Healthcare, Healthcare IT News, eWeek and others. Sequence went further by creating a prototype solution for the patient issues, hosted panel discussions with industry experts and used the content on their website, in social media and in their quarterly newsletter and business development efforts. The campaign generated over 40 prospects and three project and partnership opportunities for the firm.


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