A Welcome Note To 2018 And New 104 West Team Members

As we enter the New Year, 104 West would like to extend a warm welcome to a few new team members: Eric Becker and Laura Kubitz!

Eric has been interning for us and has more than proved his worth, talent and ambition. So... at the start of 2018, he became a full time member of the 104 family. Welcome to the team, Eric!

Last year, Laura did some consulting for us and we both liked working together so much that we invited her to travel across the country to join us! Just kidding, she was already planning to ditch the D.C. traffic for mountain views and snowy slopes. We’re so glad to have her out here and on our team!

Below are a few thoughts from Laura and Eric on their journeys to 104 West. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish together in 2018! Stay tuned for updates.

College Degree? Check. Resume? Check. Meaningful Employment? Check.
By Eric Becker

I’ve had the pleasure of working as a intern with 104 West since late October. I’ve found in my post-graduation months that building a professional trajectory can be difficult, especially when you’re not 100 percent sure what it is you want from the next 40-50 years of your working life. More trouble still is what to do with a Liberal Arts degree in an economy that demands focus and specialization. A degree opens many doors but it’s tough to know which ones are worth entering.

When searching for a career start, I was drawn to the romantic, cliche notion of the world of advertising (thanks, Mad Men), the challenge and flair of filmmaking and the potential piles of cash promised at the end of a law degree (there aren't any broke lawyers, right?).

As I came to find, however, traditional advertising is dying, I can’t stand Los Angeles and there are in fact, many underemployed lawyers out there.

“What about public relations?” I asked myself?

“What is public relations?” I asked myself soon after.

I, like many people, had only a vague grasp of what this industry entailed. From my perspective, PR was akin to the black arts of marketing, something fluid and secretive even. What I came to understand however, is that the industry and particularly 104 West is run by highly skilled professionals who are happy to have an extra set of hands on deck. In return for the help, I got a near complete openness about the industry I had assumed was so secretive and a warm willingness to share what they knew with me.

I have learned what goes into creating an effective media list, how to do original market research, how to keep clients happy under tight deadlines, and even a little something about Mendocino Valley Pinot Noir.

I have a lot to learn still, but I think PR suits me just fine. There is a creative grace and finesse to doing it right that is hard to find in other industries. My initial opportunity with 104 West has flourished into a full time position and has been a remarkably valuable experience so far, one that I do not regret taking in the least.

Changing Direction, Heading 104 Degrees West
By Laura Kubitz

I recently pulled a John Muir and had to answer the call of the mountains. Washington, D.C. was a great place to start my career, but I found my heart belonged somewhere else. I had a hunch it was Colorado, so I decided to give it a shot and packed my bags.

My new role at 104 West has made this new move feel more like home. I am excited to bring my past communications experience into the agency world. My background primarily focuses on non-profit communications in the food and agriculture industries, but while doing freelance work for 104 West, I found an interest in technology public relations and can see how learning and working in this industry can be both a strategic career move and also a lot of fun!

One of my favorite parts about working in public relations is working the media side. I love crafting compelling pitches and press releases and finding the right reporters for stories. It can take a lot of work but the end results can be very rewarding, both personally and for the client. I am looking forward to bringing this passion, as well as other skills and experience, to 104 West.