CMO Days, Rock n’ Roll Nights: A Musician’s Journey From Bar Rooms To Board Rooms

Our client Reid Genauer, CMO of Magisto, traveled from San Francisco to share his story at the latest edition of the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association’s Food For Thought luncheon series in Denver, CO. And he does have a great story.


Reid has been working in startups since graduating from business school, but his entrepreneurial streak extends back to his college days when he co-founded the indie rock band, Strangefolk. He left that band in 2002 and later started his second band, Assembly of Dust, which is highly active today, even as he toils at Magisto. Over the course of his career, he has not only helped raise millions for Magisto and other start-ups, he has also made a dozen records, collaborating with performers like Richie Havens, David Grisman and Keller Williams and sharing stages with The Who, David Crosby, Phish and many, many others.


Throughout the luncheon we examined how Reid handles these seemingly disparate efforts and how his day job informs and influences his moonlighting and vice-versa. We discovered the methods behind his choice to go to college, how he funded his very first record and the knowledge he learns from those long nights, bringing perspective into even longer days.


His story gave us insight into the entrepreneurial spirit and how one can gain wealths of business knowledge from every experience, even a rock show. A big thanks to Reid for coming out to see us. We’re waiting for an encore.