2019 Outstanding Boutique Agency Finalist

We have been humbled by awards before, including individual awards for myself and Alissa Bushnell from Business Insider and others for me, but today we are all humbled as a team. This morning, we received word that we had been named a finalist by PRWeek for Outstanding Boutique Agency in 2019. We are excited to say the least.

When we submitted our entry, we were very honest and open about some critical decisions we had made which impacted our business negatively at first, but then very positively. For those who follow our shop, we have focused very assiduously on a communications strategy that we believe fits today’s PR world and offers our clients the best way to begin and maintain conversations with their markets. We also believe that that is the essence of a boutique agency. It’s about doing something specific and doing it really well. It’s not about just being a smaller version of a big, full-service agency. And we can now presume, at some level, the judges agreed.

And again, if you follow our work, you know that we primarily focus on B2B technology companies. So we’re equally proud that one of our campaigns for our longtime client Magisto was also included as a PR Week Award finalist in the Best in B2B category. It is one example of the work we do for clients looking for growth and awareness in their industry.

Of course, as always with these awards, they really are a reflection of the trust of our clients, so we thank them effusively for believing in us and our approach. And we don’t know if we are actually going to win this, but, like an actor at the Oscars, just being nominated is a very high honor. Although, we won’t lie, we would be very eager to go all 'Sally Field' at the gala dinner in New York in March.