104 West Named in Forbes’ Top 200 Best PR Firms for 2021

This week, Forbes published its Best PR Firms 2021 list. We are honored and excited to share that 104 West Partners not only made it to the top 200, but we were given a 5-star rating to boot.

Everyone knows that 2020 has not been easy. We’ve all had to navigate personal and professional turbulence, and the PR industry is no exception. Our team, like everyone else’s, has had to pivot, adapt and regroup. Our Denver team created home office setups while the rest of us learned to juggle homeschooling and the new world of Zoom meetings.

We created media opportunities in the gaps of a seemingly incessant news cycle where every news event was drastic, life-changing or at the minimum, distracting. We launched the world’s first smart AR contact lens. And subsequently dodged political conspiracy theories during the most divisive election in modern history. We shared hopeful insight for the casino industry and uncovered a gender-based funding gap in the world of startups and VCs. We revealed consumer concerns about the looming COVID credit crisis, while at the same time detailing the future of quantum computing.

In 2020, we have learned to navigate uncharted waters. And, while we hope 2021 offers much calmer seas, we remain ready and willing to weather whatever comes our way.

This recognition from Forbes means nothing without our clients. Without their participation in this process, without their nomination and good faith, we could not have made this list.

And of course without their continued partnership, we could not do the work that we do. We thank them for trusting us with their voice and brand. We thank them every day for the honor of representing these great companies, their great brands and their innovative technologies. It is a privilege that is not lost on us.

In June and July of 2020, Forbes partnered with Statista to survey 12,700 PR experts and 20,500 customers, who in turn, nominated 5,000 PR firms to be considered. To find out more about the methodology used, or to read the full list of top PR firms in the US, visit: https://www.forbes.com/lists/best-pr-agencies/#5e1cd5ec476d